Raleigh’s 10 MOST Expensive Homes

March 15, 2018
March 15, 2018 Ben Mathis

Raleigh’s 10 MOST Expensive Homes

It is often heard that Raleigh is still developing into a major city, and that it still has a ways to go to catch up with other major metropolitan areas. While this is true in many aspects, one area we’re catching up quickly is in our luxury housing market.

Everyone loves a good session of HGTV, where they show you these drop dead gorgeous homes with unbelievable features.

Bet you didn’t know little ol’ Raleigh had some of these beautys hidden away (or not so hidden, have you seen how big some of these bad boys are??).

3100 Beaufort Street, Raleigh


3100 Beaufort Street

2405 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh


2405 Glenwood

2600 Village Manor Way, Raleigh


2600 Village Manor Way

2710 Cambridge Road, Raleigh


2710 Cambridge Road

6205 Autrey Court, Raleigh


6205 Autrey

5105 Avalaire Oaks Drive


5105 Avalaire

6104 Fayetteville Road


6104 Fayetteville Road

2025 Fairview Road


2025 Fairview Road

1624 Morning Mountain Road


1624 Morning Mountain Road

12324 Birchfalls Drive


12324 Birchfalls Drive

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