5 Ways Buying an UGLY Home Will Save You Money

August 14, 2015 Ben Mathis

5 Ways Buying an UGLY Home Will Save You Money

Complete this sentence for me if you will: Never judge a book by its…. cover.

Please tell me you said cover, otherwise you’ve ruined this entire exercise.

In all seriousness, this is a serious issue in real estate. Especially with this bunch of uppity youngsters they call millennials.

We’re raised on pretty. It has been shoved down our throat since we were born. If it doesn’t look good, feel good, and smell good, then we want no part of it.

Period. No thank you. Not happening.

Big. Mistake.

This has become a predominant issue, in my opinion, thanks to HGTV and the countless “reality” real estate shows that fill up useless television airspace. Kids are shown these extravagant homes in pristine condition, and then some cranky Beverly Hills housewife on fifteen xanax comes in and gets $500k off the asking price.

Easy peasy pumpkin breezy.


Time for a public service announcement:


Did you get that? I can say it again if I need to. It’s not often in a real estate blog you get to bold AND capitalize (see, I’m out of control today.)

Really though. Home buyers get so caught up in the minutiae when they walk into a home that is *gasp* ten years old that they fail to see the value. And believe me people, there is value!

Now, I know this is a culture shock to most of you, and you’ll probably never read a real estate blog again (why were you reading one in the first place? Did we trick you or something?), but for those of you who are curious, here are some things to look past when picking out your new home.

Like my daddy says, ‘don’t step over dollars to pick up nickels.’

1. Paint

This one is so basic but I’ve heard it on so many occasions where the buyer just CANNOT get over that baby puke yellow they painted their kitchen! I mean, who doesn’t want to reminisce about the Gerber wonder years of spit up??

In reality, not a big deal. Painting a room is minor at best, and you can even work in an allowance into the contract to have the room repainted prior to you taking possession of your home.

2. Carpet

Yes, carpet can get dirty. And if you’re a clean freak then the idea of having your bare feet on someone elses carpet could freak you out.

I get that.

Option 1: Get it cleaned.

Option 2: Get it replaced. You could get new carpet or even splurge and get hardwoods put down. We’ve even seen some homes where the carpets were covering up beautiful hardwood flooring.

You just never know.

3. Lighting Fixtures

Some people should be jailed for the lights they’ve created. They’re the epitome of hideous. But guess what? They’re removable! Most of the time it’s a simple do it yourself job, but we usually recommend calling in a professional just to be safe.

4. Cabinets and Countertops

These types of repairs can become more costly, depending on the route you choose to take. If you want solid granite countertops with cherry cabinets, expect expensive overhaul.

But, there are plenty of solid alternatives. Quartz, laminate, wood, marble, and concrete to just name a few.

5. Landscaping

People pull up to a house and see that the yard is a mess, and sometimes they don’t even bother to take the time to walk inside because they think it’s going to be just as messy.

Well guess what Sherlock.

You’re probably right.

But guess what else. It won’t take much work to clean up the debris and make it look habitable again!

Take home point? Don’t be discouraged when you’re looking at homes and the perfect one has yet to jump out at you.

Look past the horrible 1960s wallpaper, the peeling lineoleum flooring, and the chipped tile countertops. Ignore the jungle that greets you at the entranceway.
Because it’s not about what the home is right then, but what it will be once you own it.

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